North American F86 Sabre

Yet another iconic aircraft from the American manufacturer. It's distinctive shape makes it easy to identify and would of course be happy battling against the MIG 15 from the same era. 

A superb flyer as anyone who's had a go will testify. With its large wing area it takes off in a short distance and is easy to land whether on tarmac or from a grass strip. 

The latest model also has a more scale canopy as the one below was a bit sport scale!

The model comes as a full composite kit with all of the flying surfaces in an Airex construction which allows live hinging to be employed on all surfaces apart from the rudder.


As the tailplane is quite complicated to get right it comes already fitted so takes the guesswork out of it. Servos are again the MacGregor 5921 HV on main surfaces with the 2611HV on tailplane and rudder but again up to you to choose.  


It is designed around the excellent Electron EvO 40 retract units and can either be fitted with the straight oleos from us or the Electron trailing link ones and 90mm wheels make it easy to operate from whatever surface you like. These can be supplied at additional cost. 

Our aim is to bring a good quality British built kits to modellers at as competitive price as possible. 


Full kit £1400 inc VAT with glassfibre tank and tailpipe.   

Electron Retracts, trailing link legs and wheels £795 inc VAT

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