North American Harvard / Texan

The unmistakable shape of the Harvard makes it one of the most recognisable aircraft of the WW2 era. 

The kit comes as a fully composite structure with panel lines, rivet detail and even the fabric covered surfaces with rib tape and stitching faithfully reproduced. Hinges are a mixture of Robart hinges and our own epoxy hinge method. 


The flaps are in 3 sections, 2 in the wings and one central flap which can be disabled if required as per some full size Harvards. 


A range of motors can be used from 60cc 2 stroke, up to 90cc four stroke or electric. The prototype is powered by a UMS 90cc 7 cylinder radial which is perfect for it. 

The Harvard is designed around our specially modified Electron EVO 50 retracts which are beautifully made and also our own design oleo legs and wheels.  These can be supplied at additional cost. 

As for radio it's up to you as usual. The prototype used MacGregor 5921HV 20kg servos. The rudder is operated via closed loop as per full size and you have the option of either hidden closed loop for elevator control or one servo per surface.

The Harvard is fully aerobatic and flies beautifully with the presence of a much larger model. It performs all the manoevres you would wish for in a scale like manner.  

SPAN 101'' (2.59m)

LENGTH 71'' (1.8m)

MOTOR 60 - 90cc

WEIGHT From 16kg


Full kit £1695 inc VAT

Specially modified Electron Evo 50 retracts £345 inc VAT

Oleos and Wheels £325 inc VAT

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