Composite Course Terms and Conditions

We'll try to keep this really simple!

  • If you pay us we'll keep your money safe until you've had your course

  • If you cancel more than 14 days before the course date we'll refund the full amount

  • If you cancel within 14 days before your course we'll keep £50 as chances are we won't be able to fill your place at that stage

  • If we have to cancel because of COVID or any other reason you'll get a full refund or the opportunity to book on to another course

  • You must have tested negative for COVID the day before you attend

  • Please do not turn up if you have a sniffle, cold, cough or anything else that could be passed on to anyone else on the course - let us know and we'll re book you on to another course

  • We won't share your information with ANYONE!

  • Please contact us on paul@limitededitionmodels if you have any questions

  • We hope you have a lovely time :)