Composite Courses

Introduction to Composites for Modellers

Ever had a cowl that you’d damaged or with holes cut in the wrong place but can’t get a new one? Wanted to make that moulded fuselage for a glider, sport or scale model? Wondered how on earth those lovely moulded wings are made? Or just curious and interested in the whole process of making a composite part.


If so, this is the course for you!


Making your own mould and then the parts can be extremely rewarding and exciting as you see the part emerge with a satisfying ‘pop’ from the mould. However, anyone who has tried it may also tell you about the frustrations of having the plug sticking or parts not releasing and having to resort to the hammer and chisel to get the part out! All of which can be very time consuming and also very expensive in time and money in wasted materials. 


Making it happen

Our ‘Introduction Composites for Modellers’ course will give you the information and hands on experience to get you on your way to creating your dream model.

At the end of your weekend course you will have the information to be able to;


  • What finishes to use on the plug (master)

  • Decide on Parting planes for multi-part moulds

  • Which moulding method to use

  • Design and make parting planes and filling the gaps

  • Know which waxes, release agents and barriers to use

  • Decide on the types of Gelcoat, Resin and cloth to use

  • Lay up first and second parts of a mould

  • Getting the part you want!

  • The basics of composite wings and how they are made

  • Look at the next stages of Vac Bagging and/or Resin Infusion


It’s a good idea to have something in mind or even a project you’ve started for us to discuss at the start of the course. You can also then relate all that you learn to the part and also we’ll be able to answer any questions you have along the way.


The courses are held at our training centre and workshop in Raglan where there is plenty of space and tools to accommodate up to 5 participants on each course

Staying here

There is a decent budget hotel 3 mins away. It’s at a service station but not a busy motorway one so quite quiet. There is a Gregs, Subway and Burger King on site but there is much better pub food in Raglan and a good old chippy!

Probably the best place to stay is the Beaufort in Raglan which is just down the road, nice place, good food and you don't have to drive if you like a pint!

There are plenty of other options and B&B’s in the area so just search on the postcode NP15 2BT


Other info

If your family want to come with you there’s plenty of activities to do in the surrounding area from vineyard tours to walks in the Brecon Beacons and you can even go down a real mine! Details below.


Cost and Booking

The cost of the 2 day course is £295 per person (see below for advanced course) which includes lunch on both days and the materials used during the course.


We will also have all of the resins, gelcoats, cloths and consumables available for you to purchase to get you on your way.


Course Dates 

December 11th & 12th FULL 

January 15th & 16th FULL

February 12th & 13th - Advanced course FULL   

We won't be running any courses during the summer as it's show and event time so we'll be flying!

Places are limited to 5 per course. Please click the 'Book Your Course' button above, fill in your details and make your payment and we'll get back to you with joining instructions and more info.

We look forward to seeing you.


Paul & Una