About Limited Edition Models

Limited Edition Models was created in 1994 when I designed and produced a model of the North American Sabre. At 69’’ span it was considered a big model at the time and of course as this was the pre gas turbine era was inevitably powered by an OS91 with Ramtec fan and Tom Cook pipe. All standard fare at the time! Dick Spreadbury and myself had great fun campaigning these at jet events over the UK and around 15 were sold, some as far away as South Africa and Honk Kong. 
















Eventually we converted the models to use the new JPX turbines and as my focussed changed to running other businesses I sold the rights and moulds to Ian Stockdale of Westbury Products who was also the JPX importer. 
The years rolled on and I once again I found myself along with Dick the proud owners of the FoxJet turbine trainer moulds and rights and so we set about moulding and selling the kits for those with some success. It wasn’t the prettiest aeroplane but flew beautifully.


After a break from modelling of around 8 years my interest was rekindled at one of the Classic Jets events in Abingdon. As usual at these events ‘it’s all about the chat’ and the talked turned to moulds and a fellow modeller just happened mention that he had my original Sabre moulds. Needless to say they had to come back home and so I acquired them along with a number of other classics like the Swallow and Hunter. 

In the intervening 2 years the Sabre has been completely re designed with up to date moulding techniques and is now fully composite construction with all formers and wing tubes pre fitted. To add to the range a North American Harvard/Texan was designed and is now in full production, also fully moulded alongside a new version of a retro sports jet.

Of course all of these are produced in our workshop near Monmouth in South Wales. 

It’s great to get people enthused about composites used in modelling and as we’ve built up some knowledge over the years we are providing courses to pass this on and get people moulding and modelling. We also use videos on Youtube and Facebook to give people an insight into the world of composite construction.  

As for the future for Limited Edition, we are continuing to look at new projects, possibly some large warbirds and maybe the odd jet and some bespoke models but keep watching as you never know what will appear out of the workshop doors!

Bring it on for British Model Manufacturing!

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