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SPAN 1.60m LENGTH 1.5m


Inspired by a simple design from the 1980's and brought up to date with fully composite flying surfaces.


The one piece wing is ideal for cold winter operation when you don't want any fiddly assembly and the turbine is mounted externally to ease operation for the newcomer to jets.

Will fly in anything from a 45 to 80 size motor with the JetsMunt 80BL being ideal due to the compact nature of the installation. 

The models is designed around the excellent Electron eVo30 Retracts which we can supply as a complete package.

The model comes with a specially designed Kevlar fuel tank and we can supply the model in any stage of preparation from kit only to flight ready

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SPAN 1.85m LENGTH 1.82m

TURBINE 7 - 10kg

A classic aircraft if ever there was one! This is a complete re-design of the original kit from 1995 which flew and behaved beautifully as does the updated one.

Designed as a first jet scale model for the popular 80-100 size turbines and uses the ultra reliable Electron eVo40 Retracts and our own main leg oleos which we can supply at additional cost. 

Supplied with composite fuselage and Airex moulded flying surfaces finished in primer ready to apply your favourite paint scheme.

The model is supplied with a fibreglass moulded fuel tank and jet pipe. There is an option for a Kevlar tank.

We can supply the model in any stage of preparation from kit only to flight ready

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SPAN 2.59m LENGTH 1.8m

MOTOR 60 - 90cc

NA Harvard or Texan if you're American! I had a Brian Taylor Harvard many years ago and that was one of my favourite planes.


However it needed to be slightly larger but still fit within a 15kg limit for UK scale competitions.


At 101'' span it's not huge but makes it a practical size for normal use with plug in outer wing panels.


Most of the hard work is done with a full composite construction even on the fabric covered surfaces.

The model uses either Robart retracts or our specially modified Electron eVo 50 retracts and oleos which we can supply at additional cost. 

The prototype flies on a UMS 90cc 7 cylinder radial which is a perfect match for the model. 

We can supply the model in any stage of preparation from kit only to flight ready

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